Busy day in Mora getting some more information from the Head of Studies, pedagogue, nurse, teachers in charge of students with special needs.Then, we had lunch overviewing an almost frozen lake.

At Noretskolan.
We have visited this school, where we have seen that “common sense” is one of their basic principles.
Although economically speaking it is not located in the best area, teachers work hard with every single student to increase motivation and integration within Mora community.

11th, November (Monday)
Today we visited Morkarlbyhöjden school in Mora. First of all, we met the Principal Hans Löfgren and part of the teaching staff.

After that, we were guided around the school by 4 girls in grade 8. We had lunch at the school canteen and attended different lessons. Finally, we participated in a teacher- team grade 8 meeting.
In Mora.
First afternoon in Mora. Our colleagues have come to pick us up and we are glad for that as the snow makes it difficult to go around in the village with our luggage.

Stockholm Central Station.
Ready to take our train to Mora, Sweden.

Preparadas para comenzar nuestra aventura.

Nuestro contacto en Mora nos acaba de comentar que ha nevado ya allí. Así que tendremos que incluir en nuestro equipaje más ropa de abrigo y buen calzado.